EU calls for active participation in PESCO

The European Council (#EUCO) reviewed progress achieved in the field of security and defence, and welcomed the “ambitious and inclusive” permanent structured
co-operation (PESCO) and stresses the significance of rapid implementation of the first
projects. Subsequently #EUCO  calls member-states for active participation and swift delivery of national implementation plans. PESCO should be footed by European Defence Fund, and in particular the “swift” adoption in 2018 of the European Defence Industrial Development Programme to be able to finance the first capability projects in 2019.

#EUCO expects the Council to complete the comprehensive revision of the Athena mechanism for financing common costs of EU military missions and operations, and
requests the adoption in spring 2018, a recommendation on a new dedicated
instrument covering all requirements for Capacity Building in support of Security and
Development after 2020.

#EUCO asks for work to proceed on implementing the full set of proposals on EU-NATO
cooperation, including the additional ones agreed in December, and invites the High Representative, the Commission and the Member States to bring work
forward on military mobility, both in #PESCO and in the context of EU-NATO

The European Council will return to these matters in June 2018.

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