Catalans cast votes in snap elections

Catalonia is heading to the polls in a snap election to decide its future. The Catalan elected government, headed by President Carles Puigdemont, who declared independence from Spain on October 27 is partially in exile in Belgium, partially still in prison. However in spite of the Madrid repressions the leadership of self-proclaimed Catalan Republic agreed to elections imposed on them by prime minister of Spain Mariano Rajoy.

The Members of the European Parliament attempted to visit the political prisoners in Spain ahead of the elections, but were denied access.

The petition signed by MEPs calls for liberation of elected politicians, the Members of the European Parliament also express concerns over dismissal of the elected government of Catalonia.

At present Catalonia is governed directly from Madrid by assigned executive.

Today’s elections will clarity if the repressions of Madrid had an effect on Catalan aspiration of independence. However with government in prison and exile very few belive that a normal elections campaing was possible to allow the pro-independence parties to win suffient number of seat to continue its stance.

According to the reports the turnout is expected to be high, although it is a working day for majority of Catalans.


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