Supporters of Catalan Republic win majority in Chamber

The pro-independence parties won an absolute majority, while liberal Ciudadanos party led by Inés Arrimadas won the regional elections in Catalonia in number of seats, according to polls conducted at the exit of polling stations by the newspaper La Vanguardia.

The opposition Unionist party won 34 to 37 seats, at least nine more seats than in the 2015 election. The left-wing secessionist Esquarra Republicana de Catalunya (ERC) won between 34 and 36 seats.

The Junts per Catalunya, the list of Carles Puigdemont, the deposed Catalan secessionist Prime Minister, would be credited with 28 to 29 seats.

The Socialist Party of Catalonia (Party of Socialists of Catalonia, PSC) would get between 18 and 20 seats and the left-wing party Comu-Podem 7 to 8 seats. These two parties are opposed to the independence of Catalonia.


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