Tillerson “disappointed” by EU policy towards Iran

President Donald Trump and his administration are “disappointed” in the European Union for not doing more to support Iran anti-government protests, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said.

“We’re disappointed that the European Union has not taken a more definitive stance in supporting those voices in the country that are calling for reform,” he said.

The comments from the country’s top diplomat came after taking note of EU chief of External Action service Federica Mogherini keeping low profile amid the turmoil in Islamic Republic.

Only after days of protests, reports on slain and arrested,  the EU’s diplomacy issued a statement reminding Iran the  ‘right to peaceful protest.

While some individual European countries have joined the US in explicitly backing the protesters, Mr Tillerson lamented a perceived lack of similar support from the 28-nation union.

As a top EU executive Mogherini prefers to protect the nuclear deal concluded with Iran incumbent government as president Obama’s legacy, to give a support to Iranian people.

The regime change in Iran would give an  advantage to President Trump over the previous administration – the undesired result to the EU leadership, choosing to support Democrats as partners, and continuously sabotaging incumbent administration in attempt to facilitate the return of Democrats to power, the experts say.

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