EU leaders for augmenting EU budget after Brexit

Portugal is convinced that member states should contribute more to the European Union’s budget and is proposing three new taxes to finance what will be a 27-strong bloc after Britain leaves it, Prime Minister Antonio Costa said.

During his doorstep in Brussels before the start of an informal EU summit, Costa said Portugal supported the idea of a common EU tax on international financial transactions, also levies on digital platforms and companies that don’t respect environment.

“With less contributions (post-Brexit) every state should be ready to give more, just as Portugal is ready to contribute more to the EU,” Costa said, calling for member contributions to rise to 1.2 percent of gross national income from 1 percent now.

Some member states argue they should not pay more and the EU budget should be cut instead to compensate for Britain’s exit.

At the  press-conference, concluding the Summit French President Emmanuel Macron also supported the idea of augmenting the budget of the EU after Brexit to make it relevant to challenges Europe faces.

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