Mogherini convinced in “benefits” of migration

“…I regret that one of our Member States has recently presented a position that is not in line with the position of the 27 other Member States” – EU top diplomat Federica Mogherini said during her presentation of Global Compact for Refugees to MEPs. “Here our common work, and your contribution as Parliament will be essential: because together we can push towards inclusive and balanced Compacts, to improve the lives of millions of people, to address the concerns of the European citizens and to turn migration from a common challenge into a shared opportunity for human development”.

“It is not by standing aside or by pretending that we can put a wall between us and the rest of the world that we will shape common solutions. And we remain convinced that all states can benefit from closer international cooperation – be they countries of origin, transit or destination. Some countries are all three at the same times: they are at the same time a country of origin, transit and destination,” – Mogherini continued.

Promoting vision of beneficial influence of migration of the EU, Mogherini said,  in a new vision of migration there is no place for traffickers, smugglers, however the Compact is intended to continue encouraging the process of migration: “we reduce irregular migration and instead we have the courage to invest in more regular and safe channels for migrants”.


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