Nirj DEVA: EU has role in North Korea nonproliferation

“The European Parliament and the EEAS have a vital role in facilitating compromises, reducing opposing red lines and supporting those which complement one another, thus building consensus between the protagonists” – Nirj DEVA MEP (ECR, UK) said, addressing the North Korea case.”…The European Union can not only support the dialogue, but also announce that it would coordinate with ROK (South Korea) to provide strictly monitored additional humanitarian aid to the DPRK, targeting vulnerable populations such as pregnant women and children.”

As a chairman of the Delegation to the Korean Peninsula, Nirj DEVA engaged in more than 50 meetings with senior figures in the governments of the Six-Party States; accepted invitations to the Blue House in The Republic of Korea, the White House and U.S. State Department, bilateral meetings in Beijing with Chinese officials, and also meeting responsible parties in Japan.

“We met in secret with senior North Koreans on 14 occasions. We understood their concerns, and they understood ours. We will meet them again soon” – DEVA insured.

Convinced that the North Korea case is remnant of the Cold War, MEP refers to example of Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan, Helmut Kohl, and Mikhail Gorbachev, who engaged in talks without preconditions to step into new era of relations.

President Trump must be praised for his willingness to engage directly with the North Korean leadership, because there is no alternative to peace talks, DEVA insists.

However he admits that lack of trust remains a significant obstacle – the fate of ‘de-nuclearised’ Muammar Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein, who gave in to the Western demands of non-proliferation, does not encourage North Koreans to renounce the nuclear arsenal.

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