EU countries to react on Skirpals case on national level

During the EU Summit in Brussels  a number of European governments decided to support the decision of the UK  to expel Russian diplomats over #Skripals case. Baltic states, Poland and Denmark are prepared to follow the UK stance on Russia.

At the Summit, the European leaders agreed to “recall for consultations” the EU Ambassador from Moscow  – a tradition diplomatic measure of demonstrating the displeasure and disagreement. However German chancellor Angela Merkel underlined that it is important that EU members to conduct common policy towards Russia, but the same time continue dialogue with Moscow. At present there are governments who are prepared to align with the UK position on #SalisburyAttacks, and those who are requesting evidence of Russian involvement.

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov, chairing the EU rotating presidency, said he is not sure Moscow is behind the attack, while the UK government, describing  #Skripals incident of chemical weapons use on its territory, applied term “highly likely”.

The Council president Donald Tusk confirmed the EU agrees with the UK, that it is “highly likely” that Russia is behind the attack, because there is no other “plausible explanation” of #Skripals case.

Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite said she was ready to expel Russian diplomats in solidarity gesture with the UK. “I think that national measures will be applied already starting from next week”,  Grybauskaite told reporters,  Baltic states, Poland and Denmark are prepared to follow the UK stance on Russia, expelling diplomats. “No space for Baroque diplomacy” – she tweeted on #Salisbury case.

French government spokesman said it was too early for Paris to decide on a response to #Salisbury incident and it would wait for “definitive conclusions” before adopting a position.

Russian Ambassador to London Alexander Yakovenko said, Moscow is willing to participate in an investigation, and is requesting an access to Julia Skripal, who is Russian citizen. “We want to know the truth” – Yakovenko said.

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