Prosecco sparkling conquest

Nowadays, champagnes and crémants of purely French origin have less and less welcome for the consumption of the French. Nowadays the foreign sparkling wines, especially Italian ones are in the picture. Moreover, today and since 2014, very few people do not acknowledge the charms famous Prosecco! Indeed, sales of sparkling Italian wine in France jumped 45% in 12 months. This success is also due in part to this appreciated cocktail “aperol spritz” (pictured) which mixes aperol, Prosecco and sparkling water.


But what is Prosecco? Oenology tells us that it is a grape from the north-east of Italy, but historically it has been made a protected brand (‘protected designation of origin’) so that the Prosecco can not be produced elsewhere. It is a wine called ‘DOC’ in Italy “Denominazione di origini controlla” is ‘AOC’ in France, a long standing tradition of protecting agricultural products based on the concept of terroir.  This grape variety is mainly known for giving raw wines “spumante” or “frizzante” sparkling qualities – a  perfect drink for aperitif or dessert.



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