EU-Mexico duty-free – winners and losers

“Free Trade Agreements with Canada, Mercosur, Mexico, Singapore …When there are no more countries available the Commission will sell the left over rights for European tariffs to “other planets” (those that @JunckerEU met after the Brexit …)” – say critics of the  EU-Mexico Trade deal.

The European Union and Mexico reached an agreement on Saturday (21/04/2018) on a new free trade deal, celebrated by both parties in the face of increased protectionism from the United States under President Donald Trump.

In 2016 the EU was Mexico’s second-biggest export market after the US. The EU’s key imports from Mexico are fuels and mining products, office and telecommunication equipment, transport equipment, and other machinery.

  • The EU was Mexico’s third-largest source of imports in 2016, after the US and China. Key EU exports to Mexico include other machinery, transport equipment, chemical products, and fuels and mining products.
  • In terms of services EU imports from Mexico are dominated by travel services, and transport services. EU services exports to Mexico consist mainly of transport services, and telecommunications, computer and information services.

A number of French Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) as Florian Philippot  assessed the Trade deal as a blow to the interests of the EU, and French economy and agricultural sector: “And it continues ! The workers will have more to swallow. It should be noted that #Mexique negotiated its commercial agreements as a powerful, while France, it is deprived of this crucial competence (to protect) its national interests. #Frexit #AccordUEMexiqude”

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