Mike Pompeo America’s 70th Secretary of State

Today President Donald Trump swore in Mike Pompeo as America’s 70th Secretary of the State Department. The new Secretary emphasized he and his team will be relentless in confronting global threats to U.S. national security and to defending the rights and values of Americans.

During President Trump’s first visit to the State Department, where he was greeted by loud applause from several hundred people gathered in the Benjamin Franklin state dining room. “That’s more spirit than I’ve heard from the State Department in a long time,” Trump joked, praising Pompeo’s credentials and record as CIA director.

Pompeo has already made a trip to Belgium. Saudi Arabia. Israel. Jordan in his first five days as the newly appointed secretary of state.

After his official confirmation last week, Pompeo set out on a high-profile diplomatic trip to Europe and to the Middle East. On April 26 in Brussels, Pompeo met with NATO foreign ministers and reaffirmed America’s commitment to the Alliance.

Unlike his predecessor Pompeo welcomed press to travel with him on his foreign trip, he also took questions on the record, and appeared Sunday on ABC’s  programme ‘This Week’. The US press considers Pompeo style of communication as a “return to the norm”. It’s expected that secretaries of state frequently appear in public and speak with the press, which is a current practice for the nation’s top diplomat.

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