NATO continues to support Afghanistan

At NATO Summit the Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg reaffirmed the Alliance long-term commitment to Afghan government, advising, assisting the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces,. “We will continue our assistance by extending our financial sustainment of the Afghan forces thought 2024, and by pleading to fill standing shortfalls, especially in priority areas”, – Stoltenberg said. He also underlined that regional actors have an important role to play in support of peace and stabilization in Afghanistan.

Lailuma SADID, reknown Afghan journalist, and former diplomat explains challenges of NATO policies in her country, pointing at urgent need to take an action stopping neighbouring countries to sponsor Taliban, and other terrorist groups. Critical of Afghan government SADID insists on democratic change as major factor to engage people, convincing them best future lies within Afghan state, and construction of a fair society, but not with Islamists mouvements. (VIDEO: Lailuma SADID from NATO Summit, Brussels)

AMENDED 12/07/2018  North Atlantic Treaty Organization chief Jens Stoltenberg expects leaders to agree to fund Afghan security forces until 2024, despite public frustration in the West about their involvement in the ongoing conflict seeming endless. “We have added around 3,000 more trainers to our mission,” he said.adding “Att the Summit, I expect we will also agree to extend funding for the Afghan forces beyond 2020”, Stoltenberg added.

“We will be deploying an additional 440 personnel to NATO’s Resolute Support mission in Afghanistan and I think that shows when NATO calls, the UK is one of the first to step up,” Prime minister Theresa May said to press, commenting on Afghanistan.

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