Amsterdam CS violence victims remain in hospital

Dutch police shot and injured a suspect following a stabbing which left two people wounded at Amsterdam Central railway station.

The victims, as well as the suspected attacker, were sent to a local hospital, Dutch police communicated in Twitter micro blog.

Eyewitness said to Dutch media, there were around 15 police cars and a helicopter monitoring the scene.

Commuters are advised to avoid the area and the station was partially closed for a time, however it has since been fully reopened.

Dutch police has not given any comment on the incident, leaving unanswered question is it was terrorism-related. The name of the attacker was not revealed.

AMENDED 01.09.2018

The two people injured in a stabbing incident at Amsterdam’s central station were U.S. citizens, the U.S. ambassador to the Netherlands said in a statement:

Ambassador Pete Hoekstra said the pair were tourists visiting the city. They remained in hospital on Saturday, with serious injuries, local police said.

Police said the attacker, a 19-year old Afghan citizen who was shot and taken into custody shortly after the incident, would be interrogated later in the day. He also remained in hospital, with injuries to his lower body.

On Friday evening, police said the man’s motives were still unclear. “All scenarios are taken into consideration, including a terrorist motive”, authorities said in a statement.

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