UN-Syria and Migration Crisis

Pierre-Emmanuel Thomann, Geopolitician A constitutional committee on Syria was created at the end of September 2019. This committee comes from the UN Security Council Resolution 2254 adopted at the end of 2015. This committee has 150 members (50 chosen by the government, 50 by the opposition and 50 by the UN among civil society). The objective is the drafting of the future Syrian constitution that will allow to organize elections for the next presidential scheduled in 2021 and prepare the future of post-conflict Syria. The last election took place in 2014 and  was concluded with a very large victory of Bashar El-Assad, renewed with 88.7% of the vote. (Image above: migration map Frontex 2015).

In preparation for the first meeting of this committee, which took place on October 30, the UN Special Envoy for Syria held talks on Tuesday, October 28, 2019, with the foreign ministers of Russia, the Iran and Turkey.

The success of the Committee is essential in order to prepare favorable conditions for a settlement of the crisis and to put an end to the bloody conflict in Syria.

A successful outcome for this committee is also in the interest of the Member States of the European Union  approach, to create the conditions for the return of the people displaced by the conflict, and to reduce the number of refugees in the European States. It is indeed necessary to drain the flows towards Europe, and thus to reduce the impact of the migratory crisis which threatens the foundations of the EU.

The European Union would therefore have every interest in supporting this constitutional committee.  Brussels would contribute to the resolution of this crisis, and at the same time deprive Turkey of its blackmail tactics when threatening to inflate the influx of refugees artificially to obtain more funding from EU.

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