*Part-time* Royals challenge

Announcement of Meghan and Harry to become “part-time” Royals rocks British public opinion. Apparently just merry for love has not turned out to be an ultimate formula for happens for newly baked aristocrates in XXI century.

As part of their intention to step back as *senior royals*, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced that they are willing to “work to become financially independent”.
Prince Harry and Meghan plan to split their time between the UK and North America – and their global reach could open up a wealth of opportunities.
But any move into the private sector and the monetisation of the Sussex brand would pose challenges for the royal couple, the experts say.

The established rule has always been that if you are a working royal, you don’t really do paid work – that one excludes the other,” says BBC royal correspondent Jonny Dymond.Nearly any employment of the type they are going to get is open to the charge that they are monetising or exploiting their royal brand.”

If the couple renounced their royal titles, and become private citizens, they would obtain more freedom, however at present all indicates they intend to built up their “financial independence” on cashing the “Royal Sussex” status.

Image: archive

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