COVID19: Venice welcomes swans

In times of COVID19 pandemic Venice, one of Italy’s most famous tourist attractions, which usually receives visitors throughout the year, notices some positive effects of the imposed quarantine.

Right now, though, the whole country is under lockdown as coronavirus continues to spread, and locals in Venice have pointed out that the water in the city’s canals has become much clearer, with small fish visible swimming around, and swans enjoying calm.

Several internautes have uploaded photos to a Facebook group called Venezia Pulita (Clean Venice), attracting comments from many users worldwide.

The coronavirus crisis arrived, initially cutting short the February Carnival, which traditionally opens the tourist season. Now, along with the rest of Italy, the entire city is in lockdown, with restaurants and bars shuttered, hotels closed, flights and international trains suspended. Although many locals enjoy the view of swans and fish, the Venetians whose livelihoods rely on tourism express concerns about the situation.

Some hope that the Draconian measures of the government will deliver the desirable effects soon, and tourists will be allowed in the city in August.

Instead of cancellation the Biennale of Architecture has made a decision to postpone its opening from May until August to give an opportunity to the visitors to re-schedule the trip instead of reconsidering their visit to Venice.

Planning art shows always begins months in advance, and with the important heritage Venice has as an artistic and cultural city which stays a magnet for generations to come, however it is increasingly difficult for the businesses, dependent on tourisme to make ends meet.

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