Assange marriage at Belmarsh prison

Brussels 12.11.2021 Julian Assange has been granted permission to marry his long term partner Stella Moris in Belmarsh prison, the BBC has been told. The Wikileaks founder and Moris have two young children together. Their love story flourished in Ecuador Embassy. The prison service said Assange’s application was “considered in the usual way by the prison governor”.

“Good news: UK government has backed down 24h before the deadline.
“Julian and I now have permission to marry in Belmarsh prison.
“I am relieved but still angry that legal action was necessary to put a stop to the illegal interference with our basic right to marry”, Assange bride Stellar Morris wrote on her Twitter blog.

Assange, 50, continues to fight extradition to the U.S. on espionage charges. He is wanted on allegations of conspiracy to obtain and disclose national defence information, following Wikileaks’ publication of hundreds of thousands of leaked documents relating to the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.

The publications include the release in April 2010 of footage showing US soldiers shooting and killing civilians from a helicopter in Iraq.

The Australian has been in Belmarsh Prison since 2019, when he was carried out of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London by police and arrested formally for breaching his bail conditions.

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