EU diplomats convene in Brussels

Brussels 13.12.2021 Foreign affairs ministers will hold a comprehensive discussion on EU-Africa relations, touching on the overall situation on the continent and the challenges it faces in fields such as: security, development, demographic growth, health, democratic evolution, and engagement at a multilateral level.

The Council will then exchange views on Central Asia and the EU’s bilateral and regional engagement in the region, with a particular focus on connectivity. Afghanistan is also due to be touched on during the discussion.

The third subject to be discussed by the Council will be Venezuela. Ministers will focus on assessing the outcome of the elections and the results of the EU election observation mission.

Under current affairs, the Council will be informed about the Russian military build-up and movements of troops and equipment at the border with Ukraine, and discuss Varosha, Belarus, and Ethiopia.

During a working lunch ministers will have an informal exchange with the deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Ministers of Qatar, Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani.

The Council is due to adopt conclusions on the Common Security and Defence (CSDP) Policy Compact.

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