EU diplomacy office vandalised

Brussels 23.01.2022 Belgian police resorted to firing powerful water cannons and using tear gas to disperse mass demonstration in Brussels against the European sanitary strategy earlier today.

The protest gathered up to 50,000 people, according to police, and 100,000 according to the organisers, demonstrating in the capital of the European Union, including many who had travelled from France, Germany, The Netherlands, and other European countries to take part in the event.

Protesters chanted slogan ‘Liberty!’ as they marched through the streets of Brussels, by the end of the march a number of incidents caused violent clashes with police, while videos emerged of black-clad protesters attacking a building used by the European Union’s diplomatic service, hurling projectiles at its entrance and smashing windows. The EU top diplomat Josep Borrell posted a photo on his Twitter micro blog, demonstrating the damages to glass at the facade of the building. The head of the European diplomacy “strongly condemned” the “senseless destruction and violence” at the manifestation in Brussels today, including actions against the EEAS premises. He also thanked the federal police for their service.

White-helmeted police riot officers later sought to disperse protesters, who ignored instructions broadcast over loudspeakers, and drones, that the demonstration has ended and that they should leave.

Police water cannons fired powerful jets at protesters, while thick clouds of smoke and snaking trails of tear gas filled the air.

Brussels police said 70 people were detained and three officers and 12 demonstrators required hospital treatment.

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