Borrell: military support to Ukraine army

Brussels 28.02.2022 “Today is the Defence Ministers meeting. We are going to talk with the Defence Ministers about the military situation on the ground, how the war in Ukraine is going on. The purpose is to coordinate what the Member States are doing on their side and what we can do with these half a billion euros that yesterday we decided to grant to the Ukrainian armed forces. These half a billion euros will be devoted to provide defensive arms, high calibre arms, anti-tanks and all kind of equipment in order to repel the aggression. Member States have to provide these arms and we have to coordinate what they are doing and what we can do, additionally, with these resources” said upon arrival the EU High top diplomat Josep Borrell.

“The fight is fierce. Kyiv is resisting, Járkov is resisting, Mariúpol is resisting and Russia is paying a high toll on number of casualties. But we have to provide ammunition, we have to provide the high calibre guns and anti-tank equipment. Also fuel, they need fuel for the tanks, for the planes. All that has to be coordinated.

“Secondly, yesterday in Belarus there was a referendum – let us call it referendum, a fake referendum – in order to decide to amend the Constitution and to grant Belarus the status of nuclear country. This is very dangerous. If we start changing the status of countries becoming nuclear. We know what it means for Belarus to be nuclear; it means that Russia will put nuclear weapons in Belarus. And this is a very dangerous path. I made a call to the Belarusian people in order to protest against this decision and also to protest against the aggression from Belarus to Ukraine.

“This is going to be a very complex Defence Ministers meeting, but everybody agrees. Yesterday everybody agreed. Only three partial constructive abstentions. So, the unity of the Europeans is very strong, as strong as the resistance of the Ukrainians.

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