Conference on the Future of Europe

Strasbourg 11.03.2022 #FutureofEurope The Conference plenary of 11-12 March 2022 will discuss the recommendations of the European Citizens’ Panels on ‘the EU in the world / migration’ and ‘a stronger economy, social justice and jobs / education, culture, youth and sport / digital transformation’ as well as related recommendations from National Citizens’ Panels.

The Plenary’s Working Groups will also meet and continue their preparatory discussions. The Plenary and the Working Groups will be web streamed and can be followed via the Platform.

The Conference of Europe Plenary debates the recommendations from the national and European Citizens’ Panels, and the input gathered from the Multilingual Digital Platform, grouped by themes, without a predetermined outcome. After these recommendations have been presented by and discussed with citizens, the Plenary will on a consensual basis put forward its proposals to the Executive Board. The latter will draw up a report in full collaboration and full transparency with the Plenary.

The Conference Plenary is composed of 108 representatives from the European Parliament, 54 from the Council, 3 from the European Commission, 108 from national Parliaments on an equal footing, and 108 citizens: 80 representatives from the European Citizens’

Panels, 27 from national Citizens’ Panels or Conference events (one per Member State), as well as the President of the European Youth Forum. 18 representatives from the Committee of the Regions and 18 from the Economic and Social Committee, 6 elected representatives from regional authorities and 6 elected representatives from local authorities, 12 representatives from the social partners and 8 from civil society also take part.

The High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy is invited when the international role of the EU is discussed. Representatives of key stakeholders may also be invited.

The meetings of the Conference Plenary are presided by the three Co-Chairs of the Executive Board and held in the European Parliament premises in Strasbourg.

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