Zelensky visits wounded servicemen

Brussels 14.03.2022 Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelesnky visited injured soldiers in a Kiev hospital Sunday, 13 March, shaking hands and presenting medals to the wounded servicemen in their beds.

Photos and videos from the scene showed the President talking to members of Ukraine troops, who were recovering from the wounds at various locations, including Hostomel Airport near the capital.

One snap captured him appearing to take a selfie with a bedridden soldier, who he later awarded a medal.

Another showed Zelesnky with full personal protective equipment, including a mask, as he talked to a service-member hooked up to a slew of medical machines.

The president’s visit to the Kiev hospital comes as Russian forces encircle the capital.

The figures of perished and wounded among Ukrainian and Russian servicemen are various, dependent on the source, while each national news agency publishes information amplifying the loss of the foe, and reducing the loss of their own.

Ukraine officials have reported 1,581 civilian casualties. Among them was award-winning journalist Brent Renaud, a former New York Times contributor who was killed caught in ongoing battle near Kiev.

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