Poland expropriation of Russian property

Brussels 21.03.2022 The government of Poland expressed will to confiscate Russian property and assets Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said in an interview Sunday, March 20.

According to the Prime Minister, Polish authorities plan to have a meeting with the opposition Monday, March 21, during which they will “raise a question on how to freeze and confiscate Russian property in the country.”

“We have a bit of such property. On the one hand, there are constitutional restrictions for such actions, connected to the right of property; on the other hand, more and more Polish people fail to understand why we can’t have such action in our country, if the Italians confiscate yachts of Russian oligarchs,” Morawiecki said.

“We want to take it thought the Sejm [the lower house of the parliament – TASS], and we decided that the opposition must be involved in this process,” he explained.

The statesman has underlined that, although there are no Russian yachts in Poland, “there is some real estate and financial assets, shares of companies.”

“In any case, our authority camp firmly supports this,” the Prime Minister said.

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