EU deplores Russia closure of NGOs

Brussels 11.04.2022 “The European Union deplores the decision of the Russian Ministry of Justice to revoke the registration of 15 widely recognised organisations, among them a large number of prominent European non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and foundations as well as international advocacy groups, including Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International” reads the statement by the spokesperson on the revocation of the registration of 15 NGOs in Russian Federation.

“Nothing in the activities of these organisations, focused on protecting citizen’s rights and freedoms, justifies such a step. With this ban, the Russian political leadership continues to deny the Russian population their freedom of expression and freedom of thought. This cynical move to silence public scrutiny seeks to cultivate intolerance to any opposing views and further reinforces Russia’s isolation”.

“It is yet another example of the ongoing internal repression that accompanies Russia’s unprovoked, unjustified and illegal military aggression against Ukraine”.

“The EU applauds NGOs, think tanks, independent media and individual journalists that defend democratic values and principles, the rule of law and universal freedoms while building bridges and strengthening relations between our people”.

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