Canada: Trudeau press harness

Brussels 14.04.2022 Rebel News founder Ezra Levant voiced his concerns after the Trudeau administration denied his outlet what he described as a newly-conceived “license” to fully practice journalism.

If the Liberal Party leader’s behaviour during the Ottawa trucker convoyL protests is any indicator, he is working hard to punish critics and upturn their lives, Levant said to FoxNews.

The media professional explained how Prime Minister Justin Trudeau previously slammed his agency when a reporter from it asked a question during a press availability while the politician was running for reelection in 2021.

At the time, Prime minister Trudeau claimed Rebel News was engaging in “disinformation on the science around vaccines” and made a point to declare he could not bring himself to describe them as a “media organisation.”

“It’s not yet illegal to do journalism without that license, it’s a government license called the Qualified Canadian Journalism Organisation License. A government panel reviews you. They spent one year reviewing Rebel News, looking through more than 100 of our stories,” Levant told host Tucker Carlson.

“A panel of five people in secret: We don’t even know what they said or did or what they looked at. And they claim that only one percent of our stories are news, so we don’t get the license.”

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