Future of Europe conference report

Strasbourg 05.04.2022 A report on the final outcome of the Conference will be presented to the Presidents of the EU institutions during a closing event on 9 May in Strasbourg.

On Europe Day, three Co-Chairs of the Executive Board will present a final report of the Conference to the Presidents of the EU institutions. During the event, President Metsola, President von der Leyen and President Macron will deliver their speeches alongside speeches by citizens from the National and European Panels and by the Conference Co-Chairs. Cultural performances by Danse l’Europe and youth orchestra DEMOS are also planned.

Apart from 449 Plenary Members, including 108 citizens, 120 European Citizen Panellists and 200 citizens from local schools and Erasmus students will be invited to the event.

Ministers for European affairs and other VIP guests will also participate in the ceremony.

When: Monday 9 May, 12:00 – 14:00 Where: European Parliament in Strasbourg

During a final meeting, that took place from 29 April to 30 April at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, the Conference Plenary reached a consensus on its final draft proposals.

The 49 proposals, on nine themes, include more than 300 measures on how to achieve them. They are based on recommendations from the European Citizens’ Panels, the National Citizens’ Panels and events, ideas recorded on the Multilingual Digital Platform as well as discussions held during the Conference Plenary and Working Group sessions.

The three institutions will examine swiftly how to follow up effectively to this report, each within their own sphere of competences.

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