EU-Iraq: congratulations to President

Brussels 14.10.2022 “The European Union congratulates Abdul Latif Rashid (pictured) on his election as President of the Republic of Iraq and Mohammed Al-Sudani for his nomination as Prime Minister designate.

“These are positive steps towards the long awaited government formation, one year after the October 2021 elections for which the EU deployed an Electoral Observation Mission.

“The EU also condemns the rocket attacks nearby the Iraqi parliament shortly before Thursday’s Presidential vote. Violence has no place in the democratic process and differences must be resolved peacefully through constructive dialogue within the constitutional framework.

“It is now crucial for Iraq to swiftly form a constitutionally mandated and fully empowered government that can implement urgently needed reforms, responding to the needs and aspirations of its people.

“The EU remains committed to further strengthening its partnership with Iraq in support of economic growth, job creation and stabilisation of the society.

“A peaceful, prosperous and democratic Iraq is essential for its people, for the region and for Europe”.

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