Kazakhstan: Tokayev for multi-vector policies

Brussels 20.11.2022 Given its geopolitical location, Kazakhstan should pursue a multi-vector policy, incumbent President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev (pictured) said today to a group of journalists after voting in the presidential election.

“I believe that given our geopolitical situation, given the fact that we have over $500 billion invested in our economy, given that there are global companies operating in our market, we simply have to pursue a multi-vector, as they say now, foreign policy,” Tokayev said.

The election platform of the incumbent President declares the creation of a fair Kazakhstan as the main goal. It also says that the foreign policy course aimed at protection of national interests, strengthening of mutually beneficial cooperation with all interested states, international peace and security will be continued.

In addition, at the end of October, President Tokayev said that in the coming years the authorities of the Republic foresee the launch of a network of border trade and economic centers with Russia, China, and Central Asian countries. Earlier this year, in September, Tokayev pointed out that Kazakhstan would make every effort to further develop allied relations with Russia, along with China – the other geo-political strategic partner, and comprehensive cooperation with neighboring Central Asian states.

Early presidential elections started in Kazakhstan on Sunday, November 20. Six candidates are in the running, including incumbent President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev who represents the People’s Coalition.

The voter turnout was 23.37% at 10am local time, according to the country’s Central Election Commission.

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