MEP support human rights in China

Strasbourg 15.12.2022 Chinese government crackdown on the peaceful protests across the People’s Republic of China caused a vivid reaction of the European Parliament. (Photo:archive)

MEPs express their support for protesters fighting for fundamental rights who are being persecuted by the Chinese government, notably in the context of the zero COVID-19 policy.

They are concerned about violations of freedoms of expression, association, assembly, press and media in China – intensified by the use of mass surveillance – and demand that human rights be guaranteed.

All the victims of the Urumqi fire on 24 November 2022 were Uyghurs, MEPs point out, deploring the systematic repression of this ethnicity, notably in the Xinjiang region.

In addition, MEPs highlight the arrest of a foreign journalist covering the protests and demand unhindered access to China for independent journalists, international observers and investigative bodies.

The resolution calls for sanctions against those responsible for crimes against humanity to be intensified, for better coordination regarding Chinese overseas police service stations and for addressing freedom of expression during official talks with China.

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