EU-NATO Joint Declaration

Brussels 10.01.2023 On 10 January 2023, the EU and NATO signed a Joint Declaration in Brussels.They condemned in the strongest possible terms Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and reiterated their unwavering support to the country.

The declaration also sets out a shared vision of how the EU and NATO will act together against common security threats. The EU and NATO will expand and deepen their cooperation on areas such as:

– the growing geo-strategic competition
– resilience and the protection of critical infrastructure
– emerging and disruptive technologies
– space
– the security implications of climate change
– foreign information manipulation and interference

As the security threats and challenges we are confronted with are evolving in scope and magnitude, we will take our partnership to the next level on the basis of our long-standing cooperation.

“We will intensify work on countering hybrid and cyber threats and terrorism” the EU Commission president Ursula von der Leyen said. “Step up cooperation on emerging and disruptive technologies and space.
“Address the looming security implications of the climate crisis.
“And strengthen the resilience of our critical infrastructure”

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