EU: Ukraine consolidates rule of law

Brussels 16.01.2023 “The EU welcomes Ukraine’s recent significant efforts in consolidating the rule of law, despite the ongoing military aggression by Russia” reads the statement by the European Union External Action Service spokesperson on the appointments of High Council of Justice members and the reform of the Constitutional Court.(Image: illustration).

“The recent appointment of eight new members to the High Council of Justice by the Congress of Judges allows this key judicial governance body to resume its work. The EU has strongly supported the reform of Ukraine’s High Council of Justice and is looking forward to the continuation of this positive trend”.

“The EU is also closely monitoring the alignment of the reform of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine (CCU) with the recommendations of the Commission’s opinion on the EU membership application of Ukraine to ensure that this process is done in line with Venice Commission recommendations”.

“In particular, the Venice Commission Opinion published on 19 December recommends that (i) an exclusion of CCU candidates can also be done on the ground of professional competence (para 63) and (ii) that the number of the Advisory Group of Experts (AGE) should be increased to seven, with the 7th member coming from the international donors’ quota. The European Commission expects Ukraine to align its legislation accordingly”.

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