David Price: Schuman Project

Brussels 13.01. The European Union politicians and civil servants have been holding the Councils on tax, budget spending, agriculture and fisheries and other key issues behind closed doors – “huis clos” – the practice which is contrary to the EU treaties. The EU process requires proper representation and accountability, said David Heilbron Price, insisting on transparency enshrined in the original version of the European Project.
A former BBC and Fleet Street journalist and author David Heilbron Price writes is focused on the EU politics.

David Heilbron Price is the author of books and studies on European history and theology. On European Community he has written biographical works on Robert Schuman, founder of European Community that brought Europe its longest period of peace. His books include Community solutions to energy politics: “Russia and the danger for the European Union” (1995, 2000), “New Cold War or Common European Home?” (1997). On the Community system: “The democratic Vision for Europe” (2005). “Stopping the Nuclear Threat in Europe and S. Asia” (2013). “Robert Schuman, Jalonneur de la Paix mondiale” covers the origin of the supranational Community idea before WW1 and the Einstein-Nicolai’s ‘Wake-Up Call to Europeans’ of 1914. Schuman’s speeches translated: “Schuman or Monnet? the real Architect of Europe” (2003). “Schuman’s Warning of the Nazi Destruction of the Jews” (2004/2014) on Judeo-Christian opposition to totalitarianism.

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