EU: Zelensky demands support

Brussels 09.02.2023 EU leaders discuss recent developments with regards to Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine and continued EU support to Ukraine. The EU and its member states stand united in their unwavering support for Ukraine and its people and have so far provided assistance to Ukraine worth €50 billion.

This European Council meeting takes place after the EU-Ukraine Summit.It was the first summit to take place following the outbreak of Ukraine proxy war and since the EU granted candidate status to Ukraine in June 20, 2022.

In Brussels, President Zelenskyy delivered a speech in the European Parliament underlying that his country is defending the “European way of life” and focused on shared values of freedom and democracy.

Zelensky also addressed 27 leaders of the EU to express his gratitude for the support offered by the Europeans, and during a press conference reiterated his call for more weapons, including long-range missiles, and fighter-jets. The Ukraine President also expressed his wish for a fast-track accession into the EU.

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