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Dublin Greens remarkable rise

The Green party is in contention to win three Members of European Parliament (MEP) seats in Ireland’s European elections after an official exit poll said its three candidates are all on course for Brussels success.

The sorting of votes in the European and Local Elections has been underway since 9am this morning.

The European election counts for Ireland’s three constituencies will not start until tomorrow morning.


In his first interview after the exit poll predictions, the party’s leader, Eamon Ryan, says a ‘green wave’ in Ireland is reflecting what is happening in other European countries.

“There is a green wave of public consciousness in Ireland and we’ve been waiting for it for a long time,” said Mr Ryan.

EU elections UK exit polls ban

Unlike the Netherlands, the UK prohibits to publish results of exit polls, or any opinions about voting until all Britons vote in the other member-state of the European Union until 23:00 Brussels time on May, 26.

Facing criminal offence charges the UK editors are banned from publishing any opinion poll on any issue relating to politics or the election until after the polls have closed.

Britons voted for election of  73 Members of the European Parliament, amounting 751 total.



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