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France-Italy diplomatic clash over Yellow Vests

President Emmanuel Macron’s government recalled France ambassador to Rome Christian Masset on February 7 in an unprecedented act since World War II , saying it had enough with “repeated, baseless” attacks by Italian political leaders against France.

The decision came after a meeting between Italy’s deputy prime minister and leaders of the French Yellow Vest movement who have been calling for President Macron’s resignation.

Luigi di Maio, Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement welcomed the “winds of change across the Alps” yesterday on Twitter after meeting with Yellow Vest activists Cristophe Chalencon and Ingrid Levavasseur.

The vise-president of the European Parliament Fabio Castaldo has also taken part in the meeting. (Pictured below: first from right).

In a statement on the decision, France’s foreign ministry blamed Italian officials of making “outrageous statements” and “repeated, baseless attacks” for months.

The statement said the attacks were without precedent since World War II. “Having disagreements is one thing, but manipulating the relationship for electoral aims is another,” it said.

“All of these actions are creating a serious situation which is raising questions about the Italian government’s intentions towards France,” diplomats added, making clear that Paris is increasingly worried by Di Maio and Salvini’s vocal support for the anti-establishments protest movement.

Ambassador Fr Rome

Ambassador Christian Masset (pictured above) arrived to Rome on 6 of December 2017.  As a carreer diplomat he previously served as an Ambassador to Japan, and held other prominent positions in Foreign Affairs Ministry working in Brussels, London, and Pretoria.



Eurparl vice-president considers extension of Brexit talks

Vice-president of the European Parliament Fabio Castaldo (Italy, 5SM) reminded that ‘no-dealBrexit will affect the UK more than the EU, although the bloc is preparing itself for this scenario as well.

Castaldo warned that ‘no-deal’ will lead to uncertainty and even “chaos” for trade and political relationship on both sides of the Channel.

I still hope that there will be prolongation of the negotiations, which is foreseen in the Article 50,  and I hope ‘no’ vote in the UK Parliament will not be used by any member-state to punish the UK” – vice-president continued. “In our interest is to find a deal that would fit both the EU and the UK citizens“.

However Castaldo also pointed at a possibility of a “few month prolongation” of negotiations in case of the governmental crisis in the UK,  offering time for a “new” government to approach the issue in a “proper way“.

UN human rights chief demands investigation in Khashoggi murder

UN human rights chief Michelle Bachelet says international investigation needed to determine who was responsible for “awful killing” of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Twenty-two US senators have also called for an investigation under the Global Magnistky Act which could determine whether the Saudis are responsible for extrajudicial killing, torture or other gross violations of human rights.

In the weeks since Jamal Khashoggi was assassinated, the steady stream of disturbing and macabre allegations has presented a file of evidence so damning that even the Saudi government had to reverse its initial denials and acknowledge that he was killed.

The circumstances surrounding his death have resonated globally because such a heinous act not only demands answers — it also demands truth and justice.


AMENDED: European Parliament Vice-president Fabio CASTALDO fully supported the proposal of the UN Human rights chief, demanding justice for the assassinated journalist. Mr.CASTALDO also raised issue of the violations of human rights by Saudi Arabia, he insisted to be examined on many occasions before the tragic events taking place in Istanbul in the Consulate of Saudi Arabia , where the journalist perished.

CASTALDO: Turkey’ Afrin offensive is disgrace to EU

Fabio CASTALDO, the vice-president of the European Parliament expresses his concerns with the Turkey’s offensive in Afrin, and calls the EU diplomacy to react with determination to stop bombings, and convince Turkey to return to the legality and responsibility of its actions. CASTALDO finds the status of the candidate country, granted to Turkey, as particularly disgraceful for the EU, ignoring reality of visible moving away of Ankara from democratic standards.