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Orban Fidesz party suspended from EPP

The center-right European People’s Party (EPP) has voted to suspend Hungary leading conservative party Fidesz, Joseph Daul (pictured)  group’s president announced.

The largest political “family” in the European Parliament, gathered in Brussels for an Assembly to decide upon the future relations with  Fidesz led by Hungary Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

The negative decision did not come as a surprise after a protracted period of arguments between Orbán and the leading EPP figures, clashing over the EU migration policy, and border controls. The EPP opponents continuously blamed Orban  for obstruction the EU migration and asylum policy, but also the issues of the judiciary and media independence. At September Plenary (2018) European Parliament adopted the so-called Sargentini Report, condemning the anti-democratic stance of Hungary’s leadership and initiating the procedure related to Article  7 (1) of the Treaty on the European Union.  

However Prime Minister Orban has not been receptive to criticism, on contrary he flaunted his alliances with Italy Matteo Salvini Lega party, and Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, resisting the EU migration concept.

In spite of a huge deal of criticism many of the EPP  party members  continued to demonstrate tolerance towards Orbán’s government, until the last straw dropped in the form of a poster campaign, accusing European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker of promoting migration policies compromising Hungary’s security.

Fidesz party  made clear that  it would immediately abandon the EPP in case of suspension, Orban’s chief of staff said to the Hungarian media.

The posters ruining the relations between Orban and EPP depicted the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker as a puppet of the American billionaire – globalist George Soros, sponsoring uncontrolled immigration via his Open Society Foundation. There has also been consternation at the plight of the Soros-founded Central European University, which claimed it was being forced out of Budapest because of the Orbán government’s hostile stance.

“You have the right to know what Brussels is about to do!” 

“You have the right to know what Brussels is about to do!”

Thirteen constituting EPP parties called for a vote on Fidesz’s continuing membership, in the wake of the Juncker-Soros poster campaign.

Guy Verhofstadt, the leader of the Liberals in the European Parliament was unsatisfied with the EPP measures to discipline Fidesz: “EPP have lost the moral authority to lead Europe“, he wrote in his Twitter micro blog.

Immigration policy will shape elections in Hungary

Hungarian voters will decide in next year’s elections whether they will remain a “free nation” protecting their cultural heritage or join those who are eroding Europe’s traditional values by supporting immigration and integration, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said.

Orban has clashed with fellow European Union leaders over his rejection of deeper cooperation among the bloc’s members and refusal to shelter migrants. The target of international criticism for democratic backsliding, he has kicked off his campaign to win a third consecutive term by lashing out at foreign forces he says are trying to undermine Hungary. Among the major targets for criticismO have been German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open-door policy for refugees and Hungarian-born billionaire George Soros.

“The most important danger is the debate between globalists and nations,” Orban told a conference of Hungarian diaspora in Budapest on Thursday. “Europe has decided that it can step into a post-Christian and post-nation world.” Immigration policy will be a key factor shaping the vote, said Orban, who has built a fence along parts of Hungary’s southern border to prevent an inflow of refugees. Hungary has joined with Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic refusing to conduct open door policy for migrants from third countries.

Unlike some other countries, Hungary doesn’t want immigration to solve its demographic problems of an aging population or labor shortage, Orban said. Instead, he will focus on family-friendly policies to increase the population.

Soros declares Hungary ‘Orban mafia state’

In this live-streamed event, George Soros delivered the keynote speech at the Brussels Economic Forum, the flagship annual economic event of the European Commission. The Brussels Economic Forum brings together top European and international policymakers, opinion leaders, and civil society and business leaders, to take stock of economic developments, identify key challenges, and debate policy priorities.

This year’s forum focuses on the pathways to enhanced cohesion, integration, and prosperity in the European Union. Europe is at a crossroads. George Soros speaks about the way forward.

“I am full of admiration for the courageous way the Hungarian people have resisted the deception and corruption of the mafia state the Orban regime has established,” Soros said.

“I’m also encouraged by the energetic way the European institutions have responded to the challenge emanating from Poland and Hungary,” he added.

NGOs as public transport operators for African migrants

The Italian prosecution  is investigating members of humanitarian organizations – NGOs – rescuing migrants in the Mediterranean Sea on suspicion they may have cooperated with people smugglers. The ‘taxi-service’ is what the NGOs activities in Mediterranean sea are called among concerned European tax-payers watching flows of illegal migrants streaming daily to Europe.

Ambrogio Cartosio, chief prosecutor of the western Sicilian city of Trapani, told a parliamentary committee in Rome that the organizations themselves were not a target of the inquiry.

Suspicions arose because some rescue crew seemed to know in advance where to find the flimsy boats crowded with migrants after smugglers sent them off from north African ports, he said.

Migrant arrivals to Italy by sea are up almost 40 percent this year over the same period in 2016, and more than a half-million people have come in the past three years. Some Italian politicians also have begun saying the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) run a “taxi” service bringing migrants to Italy.

“We understand that NGOs made some rescues at sea without informing the Coast Guard,” Cartosio said. Italy’s Coast Guard is in charge of coordinating all rescues in international waters off the shores of Libya.

The prosecutor gave no further details. By law, information regarding ongoing probes must be kept secret. Aid groups have strongly denied any ties to human traffickers.

Orban to give up to Soros pressure

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban informed the EU’s center-right political group   that his government would reconsider measures that were perceived by his own political family as an ‘attack on academic freedom.’ The pressure on Orban mounted after the visit of US financial wizard and philantropist George Soros to the European Commission.

“Prime Minister Orban committed himself in the EPP council to follow and implement all the demands of the European Commission within the deadline set by the Commission,” a spokesman of the European People’s Party (EPP) told reporters.

While emphasizing that the government does not want to close the CEU, Orban’s spokesman Bertalan Havasi told the Hungarian state news agency MTI the university should not “enjoy special privileges” even if the Hungarian government is ready to cooperate with the Commission. The major request to the foreign establishments is transparency, according to Orban copied from the US legislation.

Italy calls for invesigation of NGO "taxi service" to migrants

The officials in Italy suspect that rescue vessels operated by charities and humanitarian organizations co-operate with smugglers based in Libya. Some of these NGOs act as a sort of “taxi service” by picking refugees up just off the African coast and then transporting them across the Mediterranean Sea to Italy instead of returning them to Africa, Italian officials say. Italy  has received more than half a million migrants in the last three years,. Nowadays there is a word of a number of NGOs operating as ‘transport’ companies funded by billionaire George Soros, who pledged to invest up to $500 million in programs and companies benefiting migrants and refugees fleeing life-threatening situations.

Soros’s agenda aimed at the destruction of national borders in Europe in creation of new markets.

The Italian authorities are interested to investigate the funding of charity boats transporting the migrants. Critics of the charity boat operators say they are colluding with criminal smugglers and, in effect, are accomplices in the deaths of so many migrants trying to reach Europe.

“If the government does not decide to put a brake on these boats, we will find ourselves overrun by tens of thousands of African immigrants by the end of the year,” said Paolo Grimoldi, a lawmaker who belongs to the Lega Nord (Nothern League) party, Reuters reported.