Anti-Trump press gloating on Kosachev


In a Russian-language statement on his Facebook page, Russian senator Konstantin Kosachev voiced concern over US President Donald Trump’s criticism of the existing nuclear arms reduction treaty, called for the urgent engagement in negotiations for a new treaty, while the current one will expire in 2021.

‘Trump’s Make America Great Again slogan, if it means nuclear supremacy, will plunge the world back into the 50-60s when the nuclear arms race was at its worst,” – Kosachev wrote.

Apparently the message was not destined to the Western public, as was posted without a translation. The Facebook page of Kosachev, chairman of the foreign affairs committee in Russia’s upper parliamentary chamber is mainly run in Russian language, and sometimes is translated into English by one of international media.

A graduate of Russian diplomatic University MGIMO, Kosachev has been known for his careful choice of words, and inclination to ‘soft power’ politics, however his tone has changed lately, raising to crescendo in a Facebook post, dabbing US National Security Adviser Mr Flynn’s resignation “worse”  than “paranoia”. The comment served a rich meal to anti-Trump media putting the claws into its flesh as the vultures into a carcasses of a fallen ungulate. Enthusiastically media attributed the “paranoia” not to those who demanded the resignation, as initailly ment by the senator, but to those who succumbed to pressure. However, some experts consider this change of rhetoric as the end of a period of Kremlin’s hope for improvement of US-Russia relations.


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