Iran respects nuclear deal


The latest report on the deal’s implementation produced by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and obtained by Reuters and AFP on Friday confirms that the Islamic Republic is far from exceeding the limit for the amount of the low-enriched uranium it is allowed to keep.

The report, citing data as of February 18, puts Iran’s low-enriched uranium stockpile at 101.7 kg, only the half of the permitted amount of 202.8 kg.

Such a dramatic decrease can largely be attributed to the recent “downblending” of 99.9 kg of low-enriched uranium at Iran`s Isfahan conversion facility, which has been since exempted from the count.

The uranium was stored inside the plant’s processing equipment, namely pipes and other elements, but it has undergone a procedure that reduced its enrichment grade. The material is now considered to be unrecoverable, as ruled by a Joint Commission comprised of representatives of Iran and other parties to the deal.

Iran kept its pledge not to enrich uranium to more than 3.67 percent, the IAEA report confirmed.


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