Boris Johnson suspects Russia in a range of cybercrimes

The UK Foreign secretary Boris Johnson told there is “plenty of evidence” that Russia has the ability to disrupt British politics with cyber-attacks, following some reports that intelligence experts are to brief political parties on defence methods against hacking from Moscow.

Johnson due to meet his Russian counterpart in March, said there was little doubt Moscow had been up to “all sorts of dirty tricks” in relation to political interference.

Johnson accused Moscow of bringing down French TV stations, hacking the US Democratic National Convention, and event suggested it might have engineered an attempted assassination of Montenegro’s Prime Minister.

However the latest WikiLeaks disclosures concerning the CIA’s hacking abilities has further complicated the narrative over the Russian cyber crimes. The reactions to the leaks have varied from those who think they could be significant even in comparison to the Edward Snowden revelations. The public opinion is split between clear those who regard WikiLeaks’ editor Julian Assange as a trustworthy whistleblower and those who regard him as a tool of the Kremlin.

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