President Abbas visits Brussels

“…I re-expressed to the President what I often express publicly, also recently, the strong European Union’s opposition to the Israeli settlement policy and demolitions of Palestinian-owned structures. The European Union considers settlements to be illegal under international law and this also has not changed in our policy, “- the EU top diplomat Federica Mogherini said, following her meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

“We also discussed the changing international political environment. We exchanged views and feedbacks we had, especially from our recent contacts with the new US administration. I was in Washington exactly one week ago; the President had an important telephone call with President [of the United States, Donald] Trump. And we – at least, I can speak for the European Union but I am sure that I reflect also the President’s view in this respect – welcome the fact that the US administration shows interest in solving the Middle East Peace Process.”

“We agreed to coordinate closely positions, including tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, when I will have the honour to be at the Summit of the Arab League where again we will discuss our common position between the European Union and the League of Arab States on many different issues, including the Israeli-Palestinian peace process…”

A few days earlier President Abbas refused a meeting with Israeli President Rivlin in Brussels.

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