Farage’ allegory of #EU27 as “mafia” causes indignation

MEP Nigel Farage, the UKIP leader and locomotive of #Brexit blamed the EU27 ‘mafia’ methods in dealing with the UK leaving the international  organization. During European Parliament plenary debate  he argued the requested amount of more than 50 billion euro as an unreasonalbe settlement bill.  “We are not hostages, we are shareholders”, – Farage said. Chairing the session Antonio Tajani had to interrupt Farage to remind him about the necessity to avoid assaults, while taking floor in a political institution. Farage immediately reacted, “respecting national sensitivities”, and change the wording from “mafia” to “gangsters”, which did not change the essence of his message.

Closing the debate on #Brexit, before voting president Tajani once again reminded the MEPs that in there is neither ‘mafia’, no ‘gangsters’ in the chamber, but the “elected representative” of Europeans.

So far it is unclear if MEP Farage is to be reprimanded for his unconventional for politically correct speeches allegory.  The  resolution was adopted by majority, 133 against, and 50 abstention.


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