Steinmeier about ‘European dream’

“We should not give up on this valuable heritage and leave it up to the opponents of Europe. We need to safeguard it, look after it and improve it – that is our historic duty!” –  said German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier made a passionate plea in favour of the EU during a speech in the European Parlieamnet plenary on Tuesday 4 April. “It’s up to us to ensure the European dream is passed on to the next generation.”

President Steinmeier was welcomed by Antonio Tajani, the chair of the European Parliament. In his speech the German President said: “Europe is a complicated and demanding project, but it’s worth all the effort.”

He also warned against populists using fear for political gain: “It’s wrong to say that in this world a European country can make itself heard or push its economic interests by itself and without the EU.”

“We know what we owe the EU. We Germans want to keep the European Union together. We want to create a common future in Europe, together with our partners, large as well as small, with the same rights and obligations,” – concerning Germany’s role in the EU, Steinmeier said.


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