Belgium denies any ties to ‘The Belge’ attacker at Champs-Elysées

“The guy who yesterday (on Thursday) did the act was not a Belgian. He was French,” – Belgian Interior Minister Jan Jambon said on Friday. He added that the name announced by ISIS site did not correspond to the perosnality of the attacker:

Abu Yusuf Al-Beljiki pseudonym given by ISIS, according to Jambon does not correspond to the attacker – “is certainly not the guy who committed the crime”.

Islamic State’s claim of responsibility came just a few hours after the attack – far more quickly than other similar claims – and the statement gave the attacker a pseudonym that would mean he was Belgian or had ties to Belgium: Abu Yusuf ‘The Belge’.

Notorious as for residential area Molenbeek bodering Brussels, called ‘den of terrorism’, Belgium leads among foreign fighters of Islamic State having highest number per capita. According to different open sources at the moment more than 500 Belgium citizens undertake jihad under flag of the Islamic State.



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