First Russian Navy cat goes to Syria


A ginger cat (pictured), was reportedly the first Russian feline to travel on a long-range voyage of naval vessels to the Syrian coast.

The Russian Ministry of Defence published the photograph on the official account on the Facebook, flaunting the charming four-paws participant of the mission.

The readers were thrilled and a bit upset by the absence of the name of the pet they hope to obtain with the further reports about the cute companion of the crew.

However some of the readers pointed at the photograph of another Russian cat – Motja (Mo -t’ia) from ‘Admiral Kuznetsov’ vessel,  spotted previously while performing a responsible task of protecting  the aircraft carrier from mouse, while it was navigating to Syrian coasts guarded by a nuclear “battlecruiser” Pyotr Veliky –  one of the largest surface combatant warships in the world.   The Ministry has not reacted so far, establishing name of the ginger cat, and revealing if there are other charming pets navigating with Russian navy.


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