House of Lords supports Iran nuclear deal

“We can no longer assume America will set the tone for the West’s relationship with the Middle East,” said David Howell, chairman of the British parliament’s House of Lords International Relations Committee.

In Committee report, the it refered  in particular to the US President  Trump approach to Iran and to the Arab-Israeli conflict.

“The new U.S. administration has the potential to destabilize further the region … The U.S. President has taken positions that are unconstructive and could even escalate conflict,” the report says.

Britain can no longer rely on U.S. leadership on Middle East policy and must work more closely with Europe to ensure the Iran nuclear deal stays in place, among other policies, a committee of lawmakers said in a report, 02.05.2017.

The deal between Iran and six major powers restricts Tehran’s nuclear program in exchange for the lifting of international sanctions.

During his U.S. presidential campaign, Donald Trump called the agreement “the worst deal ever negotiated” and his administration has launched a review of whether lifting sanctions is in the United States’ national security interests.


The Committee report also  said it was not an option for Britain to reduce its engagement in the region as exports to the Middle East are worth more than to China and India combined and investment into the UK from the region is “extremely significant”.


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