Barnier calls for transparent Brexit

The Chief Negotiator of the EU27 for Breixt Michel Barnier called for “transparent” process of the upcoming period of two-phase talks between the parties. Barnier has put forward recommendations to open Article 50 negotiations with the United Kingdom. Barnier underlined that the event is realised as a part of this transparency policy, of inclusion of interests of  broader European community into the process.

Barnier put forward three priorities at the first stage: the citizens rights, the financial settlement, and the new borders.

The recommendation suggests the preservation of the actual rights of the EU27 citizens in the UK on the reciprocity basis, including all the individuals concerned residing in the EU and the UK, and members of their families.

The financial settlement suggests the continuation of the UK payments until the end of the financial cycle up to 2020. The disagreements in payments should be resolved in Courts, according to Barnier.

The third crucial point is the new border between the EU27 and the UK, with a determination to avoid the division of island of Ireland by a wall.

The mentioned issues are in stark contradiction with the UK vision of Brexit,  interpreting the Lisbon Treaty in a different way. Reportedly the European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said after a dinner with UK Prime minister May that he saw a major risk of failure as the two sides were so far apart.



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