France votes President

After a fiery election campaign imprinted by failure of the mainstreamed parties, the French public began to vote on Sunday, 7.04.2017  to elect their President. The campaign has been followed worldwide, and also interfered by outside politicians and hackers, while the two candidates Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron have been struggling for distinctively different, opposing, programs on future of France, and subsequently for the European continent.

Emmanuel Macron (39), a favorite of the establishment, supported by two major centrist parties, and incumbent President Hollande, is pro-EU, already well-received by German chancellor Angela Merkel, and phrased by the leaders of the EU institutions.  European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker congratulated Emmanuel Macron with winning  the first round, and wished the centrist well for the May 7 French presidential runoff against anti-EU National Front leader Marine Le Pen, Juncker’s spokesman said. The former US president Obama went even further, creating a promotion video in support of Macron.

Marine Le Pen (48) includes the referendum of the EU membership of France into her programme, promising to hold plebiscite in six months after ascending Élysée Palace. She also claims to follow the line of the founder of the Vth Republic General De Gaulle, stepping out of NATO in protest against the US dominance in the organisation. On contrast to globalist Macron, she stands for economic protectionism, return of the national borders, stopping illegal mass migration, and cultivating French identity in tradition of Enlightenment. Le Pen is loathed by the Brussels functionaries, not bothering to hide their animosity.

In an emotional interview with Bild am Sonntag ahead of celebrations to mark the European Union’s 60th anniversary, Juncker said: “The European Union will survive Marine Le Pen because she won’t become President. (…) And even if she did, it would not be the end of the European project. But it would certainly rock the boat. So I hope that pro-European forces will win in France.”


PHOTO: illustration



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