Europarl to debate on EU citizens in UK


The future of three millions of EU citizens living in the UK is the priority issue for the European Parliament. The EU27 wishes to reach a deal to protect at maximum their rights as soon as possible during the upcoming Breixt negotiations with the UK. This week Parliament is holding a hearing on the current situation, and rights of the EU citizens in the UK.

There are 3.16 million registered EU27 citizens in the UK, and as much as 1.22 million of Britons enjoying life in the EU27.

The hearing on 11 May is organised by the Civil liberties, employment and petition committees. Members will discuss with experts the issues facing EU citizens in the EU and the best possible ways to protect their rights.

Safeguarding people’s rights in the wake of Brexit is a priority for the Parliament, including those of Britons living in other EU27 countries. In the Parliament position adopted on 6th of April, MEPs stressed the importance of securing equal and fair treatment for EU citizens in the UK and British citizens in the EU. Parliament President Antonio Tajani has already drawn attention to the issue while visiting the UK Prime Minister Theresa May in London on 20th of April: “The students, workers and families are valuable members of society and deserve some certainty regarding their future.”

“The European Parliament believes the first chapter to be negotiated should be citizens’ rights. The Brexit decision has created uncertainty for millions of people – it is a priority for us to deal with these issues first, but neither side should underestimate how complex they will be to solve,” – said Guy Verhofstadt, the EP chief negotiator for Brexit.



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