Poland clashes with Russia over diplomatic edifices

The court in Warsaw requested Russia to pay $ 2.3 million for use of a diplomatic building located in Warsaw, TASS news agency reported quoting court spokeswoman Dorut Trautmann.

Reportedly that the state treasury and the mayor’s office in Warsaw accused the Russian side of using the building located at 2B Bobrovetska Street, without an agreement in 2009-2015. The Polish state calculated and demanded to pay off debts in the amount of 8.9 million zlotys (USD2.3 million). According to Trautman, the court decided to recover this amount with interest. The verdict of the court is not final and can be appealed within two weeks.

The current dispute is not exceptional. In October last year, the Warsaw District Court ordered the Russian Federation and its legal representatives to transfer the other building to the plaintiff represented by the State Treasury, which is represented by the City Hall of Warsaw, located at Jan III Sobieski Street. Earlier, the court decided to recover from the Russian Federation 7.8 million zlotys ( USD2 million) for the use of this building without an agreement in 2012-2015.

According to the Polish side, a number of objects of diplomatic real estate used by the Russian Federation in Warsaw and Gdansk, from the legal point of view, are not registered. In Moscow, they believe that the objects of Russian diplomatic real estate located on the territory of Poland are the property of the Russian Federation.

“We proceed from the premise that all land plots were leased to our real estate on the basis of relevant bilateral agreements, and all diplomatic property located on these sites was either built by the Soviet side from our budget or legally acquired. Objects are our property, “- said to TASS news agency, the Russian Ambassador in Poland, Sergei Andreev.

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