Britons confident in May Brexit deal

British voters are becoming more confident that Prime Minister Theresa May will secure the right deal on Brexit in talks with 27 other members of the European Union, according to an ORB poll published on May, 12, 2017.

Negotiators from both sides are preparing the launch of formal Brexit talks after Britain’s June 8 early national election.

“British voters seem increasingly confident that May is going to pull off the right deal despite the might of the EU,” said Johnny Heald, managing director of ORB International.

When asked if they were confident that May would get the right Brexit deal, 44 percent of British voters said she would, up from 41 percent a month ago, and 34 percent said she would not, down from one percentage point from a month ago, according to ORB.

The poll showed 55 percent of British voters approved of the way the British government was conducting preliminary talks with the EU, while 45 percent said they disapproved. Those figures were unchanged from a similar poll a month ago.

ORB asked 2,000 adults on May 5-7.

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